Collaboration with Case Western Reserve University

Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce offers a program called Visiting Student at Case Western Reserve University, located in Cleveland. This program is open to students of medicine conducted in both Polish and English languages. Interested students should submit their applications at least six weeks before their intended arrival.

Participation in the program allows students to:

- Attend conferences

- Work within medical teams

- Conduct case studies and patient histories

- Engage in various research activities

- Assist with medical examinations and surgical procedures

To be eligible for the program, students must meet the following requirements:

- Be in their 4th or final year of medicine

- Complete a 4-week course; it is not possible to undertake more than four courses

- Be in good physical condition

- Submit a CV and a certificate of vaccination, including flu vaccination during flu season

- Provide liability insurance and proof of health insurance

- Obtain permission from the University to participate in the program

Each student must complete at least 4 weeks of clinical practice to apply for the program in:

- Medicine

- Gynecology / Obstetrics

- Pediatrics

- Surgery

Neither the University nor the hospital provides maintenance or accommodation. Students are responsible for finding their own accommodation, and they can utilize the links and contacts available on the website, as well as real estate agencies.

For further information, visit the website: