Student Life

Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce also encourages students to participate in various cultural initiatives and social activities to enrich their student experience throughout the duration of their studies.

Opportunities for integration with other students of the university are offered through:

  •  The Center of Science and Culture for Students- provides students with information on upcoming events (concerts, celebrations, conferences, sports) going on around campus and the city of Kielce
  • Presik- the student-organized magazine for the University of Kielce. Students write about important events from the news, updates about the university, culture, sporting events, and more
  • The University's Students' Council
  • The Students' Club "WSPAK," and the University Sport Association

AIESEC is the largest worldwide youth-run organization, representing more than 100 countries. It offers students many opportunities to develop and acquire new skills, knowledge, and make new friends during their studies. 

Members can participate in groups and/or lead individual projects within various fields. They may participate in volunteer and internship opportunities in a multitude of areas, such as :

  • Education and enterprise development
  • Community development through international exchange in NGOs (internships and volunteer programs abroad)
  • Support for small and medium enterprises, help for business’ development and expansion to new markets
  • IT sector development
  • Support for the implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

1000 - lecia P. P. All. 7 room 409 C
25 - 314 Kielce, Polska
041 342 43 59
PR Vice-president
Małgorzata Białek
tel. +48 788 404 130

Students are also encouraged to consider participating in the EU ERASMUS program for one to two semesters after their first year of studies. Not only is it a phenomenal learning opportunity to experience education in yet another European country, but it is also a great way to travel, meet new people, and experience a whole new culture. 

See below how one student chose to spend his time as an ERASMUS student in Kielce: