Kielce is full of amazing parks and green spaces within and surrounding the city to enjoy nature. Fresh air is not hard to come by while living in Kielce! If you enjoy an active lifestyle, below you can find ideas for where you can spend some quality time away from the typical day-to-day rush of city life:


  • The Holy Cross Mountains (Góry Świętokrzyskie): Their name comes from an old Benedictine abbey that was located on Łysa Mountain. Encircling the city of Kielce, this mountain range is one of the oldest found in Europe, with its highest peak reaching 612 m (Łysica Mountain). Apart from the surrounding nature's natural attractions, this region also features an impressive concentration of sacral architecture worth exploring. For those who enjoy hiking, it is a great place to venture from the city and enjoy nature's beauty. 

  • Nature Reserve Kadzielnia: This is a landmark park located within the Holy Cross Mountains, and features not only geological formations, but also an underground cave path you can explore, an amphitheatre, and various monuments. It is a great idea for an easy scenic walk when you don't want to venture too far from the city. It is just one part of Geopark Kielce, a nature reserve that features expositions on geology and prehistoric times.

  • Paradise Cave (Jaskinia Raj): One of Poland's most beautiful caves, this is a relatively small cave of horizontal karstic limestone cave located inside the Malik hill. It has a length of 240 m, with 180 m being open to visitors. You can walk through its corridors that lead lead through five chambers and caverns, that are ornamented with stalactites, stalagmites, and columns of calcified rock which has been deposited over tens of thousands of years.

  • Świętokrzyski Archeo-Geological Trail (Świętokrzyski Szlak Archeo-Geologiczny): Here you can find a lovely and scenic tourist trail, where you can take in your surroundings on a casual stroll and also visit some monuments related to the fields of geology, archeology, and paleontology along the way. 

  • Telegraf: This area offers many activities throughout the seasons, such as skiing or snowboarding on the hill or skating on an ice rink in the winter, or mini-golf, yoga, or roller skating in the warmer months of the year. If you like to lead an active lifestyle, this place has plenty of options to do what you love, or to try something new. 

  • Line Park: For those days where you just want a break from your medical studies and to feel the joy of being a kid again climbing high up into the trees, you can enjoy spending time in Kielce's Line Park. If you have been planning to conquer your fear of heights, this might be a good place to start. This park offers many different routes at various heights and levels, so there are options for all adventure seekers.